Overclock Geforce 9600GT

I have a 9600GT with an abnormally low Core Clock: 600 Mhz. Here is the card (Not active on Newegg-but it still has the right information.):


Stock Core Clock: 600Mhz
Stock Shader Clock: 1500Mhz
Stock Memory Clock: 700Mhz

I have no clue why it doesn't have have the 650Mhz. I have already started an overclock, though i havent got very far yet, im taking it very slow :P. I have stably made it to:

Core Clock: 700Mhz
Shader: 1750Mhz (Maybe... I had i linked with the core clock with EVGA Precision.)
Memory Clock: 800Mhz

Most of these are just touching what the stock SHOULD be. I havent tried going much above this though.

1.) Is this a good overclock or not? I plan on trying to get memory clock to 900, and slowly going higher with the core clock.

2.) If i go unstable, would lowering memory clock allow me to go higher with my core clock?

3.) Why is my GPU slower at stock than most other 9600GT's (Even the other one made by XFX.).

Thanks Ahead!
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  1. ???

    On the newegg site, it said that stock core stock is 600Mhz, yours is 650, so your clock is already higher than normal...
  2. Your GPU has a lower clock because it is a green version without a PCIe connector, If you're stable @700Mhz, Id suggest you go up to only 750-800Mhz as you can get only 75W from the card and you'll hit a wall pretty soon.

    Reducing the Memory clocks would help with an unstable OC, but core is where mostly the performance increase is going to be at, so if you want, get the highest core, then slow;y push up the memory.
  3. wa1 said:

    On the newegg site, it said that stock core stock is 600Mhz, yours is 650, so your clock is already higher than normal...

    I want to overclock FROM the stock 650 and be able to do the 800Mhz + that people were doing. Since im starting lower, and as Timop said, i have the eco one withouth a PCIe connector, so im not going to get as high.
  4. I found out that i can't go any higher than 700Mhz for my core even if i lower my memory (Tried down to 600Mhz). It was at 750 stable, but there were artifacts and the such down back to 705 on WoW, and 3D Mark06 would crash. So here is my final OC:

    Core Clock: 700
    Shader Clock: 1750
    Memory Clock: 910 (Was at 975, but FPS started to acually decline, i assumed it was because it wasnt getting enough power)

    Thanks for your help! If you have any other ideas on how to maybe get more power to the 9600GT :lol: and/or get that core clock 750+!
  5. Technically on that model you can just solder a 6-pin on it and re-flash the BIOS to get a standard 9600GT (like what people did to the 8600GTs).
  6. That sounds complicated... Is there a site for directions?? And where would i pick up the BIOS? And where would i find a 6 pin? :)
  7. Heres a guide that you should be able to use: http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=44216

    Also, techpowerup should also have plenty of BIOS dumps.
  8. mmm looks a little over me :P. Is there anywhere that would do this for me? I can do the BIOS stuff, but im a little scared to do the 6 pin thing...
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