Bios Problems Very Wierd

I have just run into an issue I seem to have never even heard of or can find information about.
I cant enter my bios my computer runs perfectly fine all system checks via boot integrated software, personal Cd programs, and O.S. software checks turn up A OK! but i cant get in to the bios it just boots to the O.S. I can select the boot options menu :
(DVD drive, USB drive, HDD drive, Systems Diagnostics, <Enter Setup>(also doesn't allow any access to it))
So if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.
My system is a Dell xps studio 7100 Bios Version A06 (newest version) running Win 7 64bit Ultimate
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  1. What are you doing to access the BIOS? What key?
  2. At boot I'm pressing F2 (which is what it says to) there is also F12 for boot options which i also tried
  3. I think F2 is what the manual says. Some times it's just a timimng issue (pressing too soon or late). Are you pressing the F2 when the logo appears?
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