Where can I find a free driver download for Windows 7/8

My Maxtor PS3200 quit working one day on my Windows XP OS. I now own a HP Envy d6v. I need to locate a driver update but cannot find one. Is this a futile search? Is there a driver that will work with Windows 8? I have tried Maxtor.com but I get the run around and only end up with a download driver manager. Maxtor is now Seagate apparently so when I go to that site my model is not listed or recognized. Like everybody else, I really need to get to the info stored. Any help out there. :fou:
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  1. Wait, so the HDD died and you're saying you need a driver for it to work in your new machine?

    If it died it's not going to work in any machine.
  2. yep. I have been working in it and have given up. I sent it off to a friend who has the know how to pull the needed data off of it. It is old anyway so when I get the data back I will send it off to the great Gig in the sky. Thanks for taking your time to reply, I appreciate it.
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