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i have dell dimension 8400 i get just flashing amber light when i go to power up no fans no noise nothing is it power or motherboard have taken every thing out resit all boards same thing just dont want to buy one thing to find its the other evrything on motherboard looks good to the eye
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  1. Hard to say; try another cheap power supply first, then decide how much you want to spend on another board. I recommend you change the cpu/board/ram all at the same time. The dell case isn't worth reusing; some dells are difficult to fit newer boards in. Or you can check ebay or pricewatch for another 8400 dell board.
  2. Aside from the power supply, examine the capacitors on the motherboard and check if any are puffy or even cracked open. They all should be perfectly flat.
  3. He gets a light on the PC (so some power is going to it). Since the capacitor issue can manifest in so many ways depending on where the bad ones sit, it coule be that. It's really 50/50 if it's Power supply of motherboard, but motherboard is easy to check with a visual inspection so I always check that first.
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