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GTX 480 in flames

Hey guys, just finished building my new pc. my GTX 480 is a beast, pretty much runs anything without dropping below 75 fps. anyways i think i set up a decent airflow, i seem to be running my card at low temps. been running it all day on and off. at full load while playing im able to keep the card under 75 C, what is a safe range of temps to keep the card in (in Celsius)? What is the max temp i should watch out for and what is high temps where i should let it cool down?

Thanks ahead of time! =]
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  1. anybody?
  2. 90c is the max temp or high?
  3. k cuz im running games like crysis 2 and MW2 at max and staying below 70c. so i assume im have my cooling decent
  4. i meant far cry 2
  5. Far Cry 2 at 75C....ain't something to worry about! :) Yes, if it reaches 90-95, we'll see then...
  6. those temps are pretty damn low for a gtx480, don't worry about it
  7. Quote:
    Max is 105c.90c is a high temp but for not for gtx480.Those card are meant to run hot.

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    wiinippongamer said:
    those temps are pretty damn low for a gtx480, don't worry about it

    Exactly, those are very nice temps. You will be safe even in the low 90's. Once it hits 96 or so then you can get a little worried.
  9. OP are you running a Silverstone RV01. RV02, or FT02? Those cases keep the GTX 4xx series extremely cool.
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