I need a good PSU!

It needs to be 600w- 700w and under 70$. If getting a good PSU with those prices/specs is impossible please tell me.
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  1. EA650 fits those requirements, but why such specific power requirements? What are you powering?
  2. Either of these two cards: EVGA 01G-P3-1366-TR GeForce GTX 460 SE (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit or SAPPHIRE 100315L Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit. Which card would you prefer?
  3. You might not need all that power, whats the rest of your system specs.
    Something like this will power most cards easily and is a bargain at the mo.
  4. The EA650w is cheaper than the corsair and your link just broke for the corsair
  5. Well thanks for pointing out that its $5 cheaper, I know which one I'd rather have.

    Do you have any of your own suggestions?

    Link still works for me.
  6. Why would you choose a more expensive less powerful power supply over a cheaper more powerful one?

    Sorry it just doesn't make sense to me, and the link you posted works sometimes for me I guess it's not broken.

    Just because I back up an earlier recommendation makes me a worthless poster? The reason I posted was to make sure that he chose the power supply that was cheaper and more powerful instead of your corsair recommendation.

    Also @wl589 I'd go with the gtx 460
  7. Because I prefer the Corsair, thats my opinion.

    Who said you were worthless?

    If they were your reasons for posting maybe you should have voiced them a bit clearer, as far as I could tell you weren't backing up the other post you were simply pointing out the obvious that it was cheaper?
  8. I'm saying why would you prefer the Corsair when the antec is cheaper and has more power?

    I thought it was obvious I was backing up hunter315 when I recommended the same psu. I'm sorry if my posts are incoherent and I will work to make them more understandable in the future.

    Also about the worthless thing you implied my post was worthless by saying that I had no suggestions of my own.
  9. corsair makes some really nice psus
  10. Okay I agree corsair makes some really nice psus now are you saying that you would also recommend the corsair unit over the antec? I'm not hating on corsairs quality I'm just pointing out at this price range antec has the upper hand
  11. I would choose the Corsair for the quality, looks and 5yr warranty also its a bargain.

    The thing is without knowing the OP's full system specs no-one knows what the best option for him is. I was just throwing up some other info and opinions and all you seemed to do was knock them without offering any. Fair enough if you intended to support the other suggestion of the Antec thats cool with me and if I misunderstood you then I apologise but you have also misunderstood me by implying that I am suggesting you are useless so lets just rewind.

    You like the Antec I like the Corsair, lets get the spec, there might be a better option than both.

    I think I would agree with you about the GTX460 though. :lol:
  12. Sounds like a good idea to me :D
  13. Good, I'm now gonna watch the A-Team.
  14. That was fun to read.
    Did wl589's get his question answered.
    teamwork is messy
  15. Ha, still waiting for him to post his specs, maybe he's gone off the idea after reading all this. :lol:
  16. yeah, cmon buddy post some specs
  17. My specs: CPU- AMD Phenom II X4 955, MB- GIGABYTE GA-880GMA-UD2H AM3 AMD, HD- Seagate Barracuda 7200 1TB, Memory- G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB

    Sorry I didn't post in long time. I was watching tv and now I just finally looked at my post!
  18. A good 500W unit would be plenty for that but the EA650 is a pretty good deal at the moment.

    The corsair 550VX is technically less powerful, however it is higher quality than the EA650 and performs better, but the EA650 is a capable unit and holds its own, it will handle you system without issue.
  19. Oh and I prefer ATI card but I was wondering if that is right of me to prefer it. It has a lot of better specs but is a little more costly but only by 30$ or 20$.
  20. Any ways ill put make this thread solved, however I would like to get more advice on the graphics card. So I will make a new post about it, look it up!
  21. Crap! I don't know how to make it solved, im a noob.
  22. Best answer
    If you want to save money - $49.99

    Otherwise I will stick by my original choice, the Corsair, actually for $10 I'd get the Corsair anyway.

    The cards are pretty similar, I have 2 Asus GTX460's and they clock really well.
    Don't know about prices where you are but the 460's are cheap over here at the minute, thats why I'd choose it.

    Just a thought if you plan to sli or crossfire you should think about your psu requirements now.
  23. wl589 said:
    Crap! I don't know how to make it solved, im a noob.

    You select a best answer.
  24. Choose whichever psu you like all of them will be able to power your system and because of that I would choose the cheapest which is the OCZ that beanoslim posted before me I'll post it again at the bottom.

    Graphics go with the 460 I like the red team to but right now I think it's not worth the 30 bucks extra for the 6850

    Also @beanoslim he won't be crossfiring since his mobo is x16 x4
  25. Best answer selected by wl589.
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