Alienware M15X Customization question

.OK.Now i own a alienware aurora desktop with the following specs
Intel core i7 870
MSI Nvidia geforce gtx 260 1792MB Single card lightning edition superclocked
now i want to buy an alienware m15x for some mobile gaming.the gtx 260m is costing 100 dollars more than the GDDR5 ATI Mobility radeon 5850.Now I am a nvidia fan but is the gtx 260m that much better than the 5850 by 100 dollars coz from what i heard the 5850 is a awesome card.which card could give me the bst closest performance to my current desktop?
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  1. The GTX 260M is actually slower than a 5850M, i haven't no idea why it costs $100 more,so go with 5850M,its cheaper and better.
    A 5850M performs pretty much like a 5750 desktop( a little slower),so its slower than your desktop card.
  2. and to what does the mobility 5870 compare?
  3. 5870M performs between a desktop 5750 and 5770,so its still slower than a GTX 260 desktop.
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