Stock voltages for core i7 960?

Hello all, I'm very new to building computers, Ive actually just finished building my first computer! However I am not sure what STOCK voltages I should set in the BIOs to make sure everything runs stable. My CPU is a i7 960 and my MOBO is a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R at the moment I have my VCORE voltage set to AUTO and my QPI/VTT setting at 1.215v is this fine? Do I run the risk of over-volting and damaging anything?

My ram is at 1.5v running at 1600 speed as well. Just for reference: yesterday I had set my qpi/vtt voltage to 1.195v and after an hour or so of gaming my rig BSOD but im not entirely sure if it have anything to do with my qpi/vtt was it too low? or too high? Are there any other settings I need to make sure are in place as well? any help at all would be greatly appreciated thanks guys!
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  1. Could you give us your entire specs and psu to see if something is not right.
    Try to run prime to stress test the cpu.If it does bsod it definitely means your cpu is not stable.
    Depends on your cpu.There is an unofficial announcement regarding this on another site
    But i think you should run all at auto settings if you dont have problems
  2. Here are pictures of my BIOs and its current settings:

    My hardware consists of 6gb g.skill ram rated at 1600 1.5-1.6v
    seagate barracuda 500gb HD at 7200rpm
    evga gtx 460 1gb
    and a corsair gs700 700W PSU.

    Thanks for any suggestions guys.
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