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My computer is pretty new, ive had it for 6 days in total. After i bought the computer i used it for 3 days, then I took it back to the shop for a repair because i smelled a burning / metallic / electric smell. they stress tested the PSU took it apart and checked all computer components.

They found no problems and told me there was no smell. I then take the computer home and after a few hours start smelling that same smell again, some kind of metallic odor mixed with a faint smell of something burning, very faint!

So me and my friend take out all case fans from the computer which is 2. and leave it on for 5-8 mins then we smell it and my friend described the smell as a faint smell of fireworks(now with no case fans the smell was abit less). So we turned the computer off and took apart the PSU, to check it out and smell it. To our own suprise it didint have any burning smell or anything coming from it, the PSU smelled very good actually, there was nothing leaking inside the PSU.

Then I proceeded to remove 1 of my case fans the one that blows air OUT, which is a coolermaster neon fan. and left it on for 15-20 mins. I didint smell anything so I took the computer home feeling very happy.

When I came home my room hade a electric stench so I cleaned everything and removed all my power adapter which didint smell all to good, and let some air into the room. After that i switched my desk to the other side of the room and connected my pc to that side of the room.

After about an hour and a half or something like that i start to feel that smell, still very faint. what differs now is that the smell dosent fill up the whole room, it justs around the area where i sit, in a very little radius!

Anyway, my pc runs like a dream, no lagg. Cooling is perfect!, I have no lagg during gaming sessions, no problems whatsoever when using the computer. Tommorow me and my friend will check the graphic card + CPU and really have a good look around the motherboard. Anyone have any experience like this? ive googled and only found some with simmilar problems but they all say the smell diffirent things, like in this case i smell metalic & burning smell and my friend just smells fireworks.

Computer specs:

Graphic : ATI Radeon HD6770
Processor : Athlon II X2 255 3.1Ghz
Motherboard: Asus M4N68T V2
PSU: FSP - FSP500-60AN - 500Watt - 85% effective
Case : Advance NeonXblade

My friend is fine with the smell and he describes it as he barley can feel it, but the smell bothers me as I have asthma and all kind of smells bother me, perfume etc.. I had another gaming comp for 4 whole years, and it never gave any kind of smell not even in it's dying moments.
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  1. Lol if ur rich enough go.with a full out liquid cooling proble fixed... But in all seriosness I would try isolating the problem the smell has to.come from something maybe its a mobo cpu, or gpu I reccomend u download 3 things amd graphics.drivers for the 6770 go to.option turn the fan setting to 100% instead of the default 20% bcuz it will run hot while gaming if not, and get amd overdrive I'm not asking unto.oc but.go.to fan control crank itnto a 100 for everything... And if the smell comes new generally its gonna get worse... Then after that go into amd.overdrive.logging and g amd catylast and check both the temps for ur cpu generally.dont wanna go above 65 degrees and for.gpu.jever above 85.
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