Upgrading my SSD (OS Drive)... can I just swap?

Hey all,

I'll be replacing my 64gb Crucial M4 with a 120gb Samsung 840. I currently have a decent amount of data on my storage drives (1.5TB worth of movies, software on one, ~300GB of program data on another). My question is, if I just swap the drives, and install Windows on the new SSD, will it screw things up too badly? I know some registries will get messed up, and I'll need to reinstall some programs which reference my storage drives. Thank you in advance for any help!
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  1. You can do exactly what you want with little problems. As you said when you reinstall the OS you will have to reinstall your programs. Make sure you backup your data from those programs first and you will be fine.
  2. Thank you!
  3. You could disk image the 64GB SSD and restore the image to the new 128GB SSD. Then replace the 64 with the 128, boot the PC, and all should be as was, but twice the SSD capacity. In some cases it is better to do the clean install to the new SSD depending on how well your current OS install is running.
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    I'd try the image method, providing you have imaging software (Acronis True image or Norton Ghost, or can get it in time) - it should work. Then, all you need to do is re-run the Windows Experience Index (RM-click My Compyter, then Properties) to have windows update things.
    You would be recommended to install imaging software then run it as part of a backup plan. It would only take minutes to restore your image (preventing you from having to reinstall windows and remember passwords, etc, etc).
  5. Also, some manufacturers like Intel have HDD migration programs to make it fast and painless to move the old install to the new SSD.
  6. I think that I will end up doing a fresh install, not image. I had some issue with the partition style (MBR vs. GUID I think?) and have a bit of a sloppy image now. Thank you for all the suggestions!
  7. I always recommend the Clean install when going from HDD-. SSD. But if Going from SSD -> SSD a clone is acceptable - Have done it several times.

    Use windows 7 back-up program to image your 64 gig SSD (Located in control panel, Backup. After the image is completed (Will place on image on your HDD), To make a repair disk - optional if you have win 7 installation disk.

    Remove 64 Gig SSD, pop in either the repair disk, or your windows installation disk. Select repair, then restore from image - 15 Min later your booting to new SSD.

    NOTE: this will create a exact duplicate of the 64 Gig SSD so your New SSD will have a 60 gig OS partition - NO PROBLEM, just open up disk manager and expand partition to fill drive - YES, Have down several times.
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