Is this AP sufficient?


We have a D-Link DAP-1160 set in AP mode connected to a switch. We currently have around 16 users connected wirelessly to our network at any given time. Every now and then (about twice a day) we loose internet connection. I can still log into the AP but we do not have internet. Once I reset the AP everything comes right again. My configuration is as follows:

AP -> Switch -> Untangle Box (router mode) -> DSL Modem

Is this AP sufficient for this many users?
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  1. Will it make a difference if you plug the AP direct into the Untangle Box?
  2. Well I cannot do that. We have two NICS's on the untangle box (external/internal) We need the internal plugged into the switch as we have quite a few people on wired as well. Also I dunno if you can just plug an AP into an untangle box can you?

  3. Anyone have any experience with this AP? We are considering purchasing another one but we just want to make sure. Are there any definitive tests we can do?

  4. Do you have the latest firmware installed?
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