I need opinions.

I'm trying to find what I should upgrade to play Final Fantasy XIV on decent settings, with no choppyness or skipping when I rotate the camera or When new models load up. It's annoying.... Here is a list of what I have on my PC I would like some opinions on what I could do or upgrade. I'm debating on upgrading my GPU to a top tier GPU but not sure cause EVERYONE is saying get this card, get that card. No one seems to be giving any of the same responses. Mostly just who they're loyal to. I'm lost, anyone with some insight with some reasoning behind it other than I like it cause ATI has bad support or Vice versa~

Intel I5-750 2.66Ghz
XFX ATI Radeon 5770 x2 Crossfire-X
Windows 7 -64Bit
Dell 2405FPW Monitor - 1920x1200 Resolution 60-mhz (I use DVI output)
X-FI Xtreme Gamer Sound
500gb Hitachi 7200 rpm S-ATA HD and 1TB Hitachi 7200 rpm S-ATA HD
ThermalTake Frio Heat sink
Coolermaster 750 Watt PSU
My case is a Coolermaster HAF932 with TONS of fans and wire controlling for proper airflow!

I'm lost, I am debating on upgrading my Video card, but I wanna know the PC gurus opinions first before I waste anymore money, I'm tired of spending money on %&$* I might not even need.

Thanks guys!!!
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  1. Only thing I'd say is maybe a tweak on the overclocking side you should be fine
  2. You're games are choppy with that setup? It should be kicking ass.
    I would get a raid-0 setup or an SSD and over clock that sucker to 3.4Ghz.

    ~Raid Setup~
    You can create an image of your existing drive using Windows 7 backup.
    Buy a new hard drive (same model preferably)
    Create the image onto a different drive
    Create Windows 7 recovery disc
    Install the new drive
    Create raid-0 array
    Insert Windows 7 Recovery disc
    Restore Image
  3. That should be a strong gaming PC. Try toning the settings down a bit, particularly DX10 shadows and Anti-aliasing can make good systems drag sometimes.

    Overclocking the CPU to 3GHZ+ should be doable without voltage increases and likely would help.

    Get an SSD for the OS and the big game. It will make model loading very fast. OCZ Vertex 2 or Agility 2, Gskill Pheonix, Corsair Force and Patriot Inferno are all basically the same and getting pretty economical for 60-120GB sizes.
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