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I am attempting to get wireless internet to my 46 inch Sharp HDTV. I purchased a "VGA TO AV WIRELESS CONVERTER (sender and receiver -separates) The sender diagram shows the "VGA_IN" hooked up with an 8 pin cable. The cable supplied is an "8 pin to SVGA" connector. I only have an HDMI port open on my computer and as you can tell have no idea what I am doing. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance
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  1. What model of Sharp TV do you have?
    My 2 year old sharp has no way of accepting wireless signals other than the remote.
    Connect the Computer to the tv, HDMI to DVI.
    Connect the wireless to computer.
  2. You have no VGA output on your computer, so the converter cannot be used. Now, why wireless? Is the TV a long way from the computer?

    If there's a long distance, a standard HDMI cable may not be practical. However, there's a second issue in that scenario. How do you propose to control what is shown on the TV? If the signal is being sent out and controlled by your computer, how do you plan to get command signals to the computer that is NOT near the TV?

    On the other hand, if the TV is within 10 feet or so of the computer, check the TV. As a relatively new HDTV I would expect it to have an open HDMI input connector. Connect an HDMI cable from the computer's output to the TV's input and you're half way there. The other part is setting your computer to put out a signal on the HDMI port. (It may already be set to send its signals out to your monitor via a VGA or DVI port.) Then you would have to set the screen resolution to match the TV's capabilities. Finally, you probably would have to change how the computer puts out sound. It may be outputting sound now via its own mobo sound chip, or through an add-on sound card, to a speaker set. You will need to change that, probably, to using the sound capabilities in your video card to send the sound out the HDMI port instead.

    Once you have a good signal connected by HDMI cable to your TV, the TV itself probably has a menu to select that input as the source, rather than the "standard" cable input or whatever you use normally.

    All of those changes can be reversed when you want to use the computer with its regular monitor and speakers.
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