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Good cpu for the price? This is the cpu im looking at buying but im not sure about it. Could someone please tell me if it is a good cpu?
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    For the price it is very hard to beat. It will be fine for a general use / light gaming machine.
  2. Alright thanks, i figured it would be a good starter for my gaming pc that im gonna build. Im going to start small but leave lots of room for upgrades.
  3. I am on an X3 440 machine I built for a family member right now and it is a great chip for under $100!
  4. Ill check it out.
  5. jrwizbang said:
    Ill check it out.

    No, no the 445 you linked to is a bit faster. I was just comparing a very similar chip as being great for the money. The 445 is even better.
  6. Oh i see. That makes sense.
  7. For $99.00 the Athlon II x4 640 is FAST!
  8. but i dont have $99.00 to spend on a cpu.
  9. This is the one I'm taking a chance on:

    I know it's only a dual core, but will take the chance. Same price as Athlon x3, but with L3 cache + possible unlock + $20 promo card to use on other equipment. Figured it was too good to pass up! And I already have an extra hsf.

    PS the promo card is only available till midnight PST, so hurry if u want one!
  10. Black Edition just means that the CPU multiplier is unlocked. Easier to overclock than raising FSB.

    Doesn't have any bearing on whether dormant cores can be unlocked.
  11. Im gonna go with the x3 still but im gonna need a new mobo. Any suggestions?
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