Happy new year!!

Happy new year to all!!!!!

Lets enjoy 2011 :D

Got sandy bridge coming up!! gonna be nice! <- Excuse to put in most viewed CPU's section :whistle:

Cheerz! :sol:
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  1. Its still 2010 in Canada...I'm gonna celebrate only in about 6 and a half hours...But still...Happy New Year to you !
  2. Well it's 1:33 AM here in Bahrain so yeah... :)
  3. Happy New Years to All in 2:27 minutes in US eastern time zone
  4. T- 2 hours till 2011 for EST.
    T- 3 hours for CST
    T- 4 hours for MST
    T- 5 hours for PST

    T- 7 hours for Alaska and Hawaii


    Happy new years for all that are in 2011 already! Will be a little behind but we'll catch up and join the party! :lol:
  5. Happy new years for everyone here and may all of you have a 64 core 5nm CPU sometime later in this decade.
  6. 10 MINS till im in 2011!!!!!!!
    [:badge:5] [:bilbat:1] [:graywolf:8] [:mousemonkey:3] :sol: :bounce:
    [:aford10:7] [:fisshy:4]
  7. May you all have a happy and healthy year
  8. happy new year est!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [:mousemonkey:3] [:mousemonkey:3] [:mousemonkey:3] [:mousemonkey:3] [:mousemonkey:3] [:mousemonkey:3] [:mousemonkey:3] [:mousemonkey:3] [:mousemonkey:3] [:mousemonkey:3]
  9. Since they did the kill switch in SBs do you think they did D.R.M.?
    This way if your a Pirate they can just kill your CPU...
    Millions of Pirates Ships sunk across the world
  10. Happy Halloween!
  11. And a Happy St Patricks Day to you too!
  12. Happy New Year from Saudi Arabia.
  13. jsc, I get your motto... but sorry, no you can't haz beer! You're in Saudi!

    Come visit Bahrain, pleasure Island, Las Vegas of the Middle East! :P

    and once again, Happy new year all!!
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