Some help needed with i7 build. 6 or 12 gb memory?


I'm building new PC that will be used for:
- gaming with the use of Fraps
- streaming
- whatever will be needed for IT studies that I've just begun (coding etc.)
- I have possible OC-ing in mind

After some bad experience in the past I'd really like to build something that will perform well in 2-3 years from now. After reading loads of articles from tomshardware and some research on pricing in Europe here's what I came up with:

CPU: i7-950 4x3.06 Ghz
MBoard: MSI Big Bang-XPower
Graphics: GTX 470 OR Radeon 5870 OR GTX 480/Radon 5970 if I get lucky on auction
Memory: First thing I'm really not so sure about - 3x2gb is widely used, however I've read many "tips" about getting ~12 if you plan on encoding - how this goes with the tasks I planned for my pc? If 12 gb then 6x2 or 3x4 is better? And why?
Case: one of the Cooler Master products
Power: 800? 1000? still not sure

If you haev any ideas about the parts to share please do so, I'll be very thankful

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  1. Fewer bigger sticks of ram is better. For rendering and encoding you will gain from the additional ram.
  2. 6x2 is easily obtainable for 250-300$, while 3x4 goes for 400+ - thats why it's important too
  3. In terms of real world computing you will gain practically nothing from having 12 GB RAM at this stage. Go 3 x 2 to make 6 and assess your needs after that. I boosted a 4 GB Kit to 8 GB and achieved very little except a longer boot time. I am beginning to conclude that the faster chips offer only theoretical increases in performance as software for the most part can’t take advantage of what they offer. For instance I have an i7 and an i5. Both are Lynnfield and both run at 2.8 GHZ. They both boot off Velicoraptors. There is less than a second in their boot times between them with the i5 often just beating the i7. I am really wondering if there is any real world gain to be had by buying an i7 Nehalem over the Lynnfield i5.
  4. With that price difference I would go for the 6 x 2 actually I would start with 3x2 and then decide if I wanted to add another 3x2 down the road.
  5. Quote:
    6 RAM slots correct.? 24GB max, triple channel mode.?
    I'd go 12GB(4x3GB) set. you'll have all the RAM you should ever need, still run triple channel mode.
    still have slots available and will not be used so less heat..

    You mean 3 4GBs

    So JasminDaily, what exactly is your budget, because it would create a large factor in choosing your parts. I think its somewhere in the 1000-1500 dollar range judging by your proposed parts.


    If you plan on OC, then you might as well get the i7930 at 2.8ghz and overclock it to 4.0ghz...
    the i7 950 and 930 are the same chip, just rated at different clock speeds. You save some 10-15 dollars, unless prices drop again. But ofcourse you have to spend time to OC. But hey your studing IT right, you should be doing this kinda stuff.


    I am going to get the ASUS X58 Sabertooth, but thats because i dont plan on OC alot. But for you, if budget is not too big of a concern, go for the ASUS RAMPAGE III Extreme. thats one sweet board mate. haha.


    For video card, a 460 would be awesome for you, cause you can SLI later on easily. Yes you can go one up and get 470, but i wouldnt reccomend it, its not better performance to price ratio.


    I think you should just stick with a really good brand of 3x2gb. Such as the CORSAIR DOMINATOR. these are triple channel which is utilized quite well with i7. (Cant say the same about the applications you run though). If money is concern, go with MUSHKIN Blackline or G.SKILL. Dont buy OCZ Triple channel ram cool.


    This depends on your personal taste. I would reccomend the CoolerMaster HAF 932 or the full tower, the CoolerMaster HAF-X they are really good cases, good quality, cheap price, and awesome airflow.


    once again if money no problem...go for CORSAIR HX850 or even 750. That would be more than enough for you to even sli your 460s. The HX series of Corsair are all modular so that neat. Also XFX Black is cool too for PSU. Well now that i think about if money is no problem then might as well go all out and get a Seasonic PSU.
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