Expansion slot on dell inspiron 530 - video card prob

i just got a 4550 to go along with the 27 inch monitor i got. my inspiron onboard graphics were fine before, but i wanted to do DVI with the biggie. well on the top expansion slot there is a piece of metal sticking out at a 90 degree angle. and it is in the way of getting the cable plugged in all the way. this is a microatx board and so that slot is the only option. i am using the onboard graphics for now but i wanna use this card. my question is about the metal thing. what do i do? am i just gonna have to get a new case? should i try to bend it? that seems very risky and i don't want to damage the case if i don't have to. are there skinnier plugs on cables? if anyone knows something please fill me in. thanks
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  1. got a photo? its hard to picture.

    if its not required for keeping the case together or supporting/bracing something. just remove it.
  2. i don't have a pic but it's all good. i bit the bullet and got a new case. i can tell you for sure i will never buy a dell again for this reason. they give you NO expandability.
  3. interesting that you would get a little high and mighty. i didn't panic i knew i would upgrade stuff sooner or later so i just did it sooner. not really needing to look good thank you. was just wondering if anyone out there knew something.
  4. look, i have solved this problem. and YOU felt the need to make a snarky comment after the fact. this is the very reason i'm always wary about going onto forums. because people like you have some need to feel superior. guess what, in this instance you ARE superior with knowledge. that's why i came here to ask people for help. in the future please try to remember that some people haven't been doing this for very long, or in my particular case at all. try to be helpful and not sarcastic. i'm not trying to impress anyone, i'm just trying to figure something out.

    please don't make this some back and forth thread about who gets the last word. i consider this a dead issue. there is nothing more to say here.
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