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I am currently have an Antec 1200 case and am considering replacing the fans with fans that I can plug into the mobo. My motherboard is a rampage II extreme. Will these fans auto adjust with temperature or do I have to do something else (install temp probes, download software, ect) in order to make them work?
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  1. You should be able to unplug the molex from your current fans and plug them into the MB. The MB will regulate their speed based on temps.
  2. Don't think you can plug a molex into a mobo or are you saying with an adapter? I have the Antec 300 and the fans come with their own speed fan controller. You could always get a front panel fan controller, probably save you money and you can continue to use the Antec fans as they are pretty good.
  3. I was thinking he has adapters on the fans that convert them to molex. I may be wrong on that though. I forgot about the tri speed fans, having had a few 300's myself, but have never had a 1200 so don't know if they are factory molex or have the 3 pin to molex adapters. should be a simple fix either way I think
  4. Think they use the same fans, 4 pin molex only, would the bios settings work through a convertor?
  5. I dont know, I have never tried it, but it is an interesting question. Does anyone know, do they make a simple molex to 3 pin conversion cable? I searched newegg with no luck. I have used many going the other way, 3 pin to molex but never the other way around. Seems like there should be a cable out there somewhere to fix this for like 4$$
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