Something wrong with my system?

today i went to turn on my system and my cpu led light on my motherboard was on nothing else turned on my system just wo not turn on. so i unplugged everything took a look inside and then turned it on. I went and looked at my settings and my cpu speed is at 2.53 ghz instead of 3.66ghz like it was yesterday. how do i get it back to its normal setting or is something wrong with? i am confused on what to do? any feedback would be helpful.
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  1. It sounds like you got the system to POST. Did it boot into the operating system? You may have to enter the BIOS and re-set your earlier settings to OC the cpu.
  2. Sounds like the system detected problems with your overclock settings and reset itself to the original speed.

    System specs?
  3. i went and turned on my computer yesterday and it started up fine. After 2 hours of running normal my computer shutdown. I took off the case cover and press the on button and the CPU led on my motherboard turned on. My CPU fans are not running at all but my other fans are working.
    I have a Asus p7p55d-e deluxe motherboard
    a i7 860 processor
    a WD 500 gig black hard drive
    a thermaltake frio cpu fan
    a 750 watt corsair power supply
    and a lite on dvd burner
    i have two case fans
    does anyone know what my problem is?
    any advice would be helpful
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