Best asus motherboard for my build

I want tomknow, as im building my first gaming pc. What is the best mobo for this setup.

Gainward gtx 580 3gb
I5 2500k
2x4gb corsair ddr3
1050W psu

i was about to go with the P8p67 deluxe edition. BUT i cant seem to find a good answer to wich mobo to go for my budget is about 2800$

But what is thr BEST one? Both bang for buck and if price is no question to an enthusiastic gamer.
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  1. The best one is probably the ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z but it's quite costly.

    If that's not in your budget, you should go for a P8Z68-V or P8Z68-V Pro. They offer everything that you should need and are quite a bit cheaper.

    See this page for ASUS Z68 motherboards:
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