I'm considering a graphics upgrade and I want your input

Well My computer has been running strong for a good 18 months now without any major hardware upgrades, but I think she's overdue for an upgrade.

Here are my specs
3.0 Intel Core 2 duo 1333Mhz FSB

2 GB of DDR2800 RAM

512 MB HD3870 PCI-E x16

Now I really really want to have Windows 7 in 64 bit, so I'm considering upgrading to;

4 GB of DDR2800 RAM

and I'm thinking of getting either a 1 GB GTS 250 or a 1 GB HD 4850. Both of them are in the same price range, ~110$

My 2 questions are:

1: Will a PCI-E 2.0 card run in my PCI-E x16 motherboard?

2: How much of a performance jump can I expect in DX9, DX10, and DX11?
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  1. 1. This PCI-E 2.0 will run on your PCI-E x16 motherboard fine without any issue.
    2. DX9 performance will be great at 1680x1050 resolution, DX10 the resolution or setting should be reduced to play the game without any lag, DX11 is the main problem here your card does not support dx11 so there will be a great lag in dx11 settings ...so it's better to buy an dx 11 card rather going with these two cards .

    Add a little more and get the hd 5750 and it will run everything without an issue and will be having dx 11 support too.
  2. hmm. That looks very interesting. However I noticed in all the benchmarks that the GTS 250 in DX9 and 10 has a slight performance edge. One thing I noticed in particular was GTA IV. The GTS 250 has a big lead in 2500x1600

    Though I'm not sure what to make of that TBH. I'll only be playing at 1280x1020, and the performance edge isn't terribly great at lower resolutions.

    The DX11 may be important to me, I'm not entirely sure.
  3. Hey do you really play at 1280x1020 if it's so then any of the card will be more than enough for you but getting an dx 11 card will be more future proof as you are not always going to play at the same resolution and will sure move on to an higher setting later on .
  4. yah I really play at 1280x1020. Maybe someday I'll get a new monitor hehehe.


    The reviews of one powercolor HD 5750 say that it doesn't work with PCI-E 1.0

    That's a problem...a big problem
  5. Hey most of the PCI-E 2.0 cards are backward compatible with PCI-E 1.0 and there are many people who are using on the basis of this and are really enjoying gaming....you can consider some other brand such as xfx ,msi or asus all be good enough for your use.
  6. migkillertwo said:
    yah I really play at 1280x1020. Maybe someday I'll get a new monitor hehehe.


    The reviews of one powercolor HD 5750 say that it doesn't work with PCI-E 1.0

    That's a problem...a big problem

    That's correct and confirmed by my experience. stupid PCIE2.1 interface isn't compatible with many OEM motherboard with PCIEx16 ( which also call PCIE1.0) since you can't upgrade its BIOS. To OP, Best graphic card for you is 460 1G OC which saves your time and money give you best future DX11 game experience.
  7. eh...the GTX 460 is a little bit out of my budget. I am doing a major system overhaul (New operating system, new memory, new video card), so my budget is in the very low 100s. I decided that the best video card for me is the PNY GTS 250 because
    1: It has a significant advantage in GTA IV, and I play a lot of GTA IV, and
    2: It is backwards compatible with PCI-E x16 1.0
  8. If you're budget is the low 100s (I'm assuming you can go to about 130), your best bet may be this


    This is more powerful then the GTS250 and you can use DX11.
  9. Hmm. Thanks for the input, and heck it even looks like it is compatible with PCI-E 1.0

    However is it "much" more powerful? I'm most concerned with how it performs in GTA IV and WiC, and in WiC it only has a 3 FPS advantage (Not worth spending an extra 30$ IMHO), and in GTA IV the GTS 250 actually has an 8 FPS advantage!
  10. Yes the hd 5770 suggested by Helltech is much more powerful then the gts 250 and the dx 11 support in it make it worth buying then the gts 250. So going with the hd 5770 will be really good and more future proof and it will run games better then the gts 250.

    Here is a link for your reference
  11. If thats the only game you play and don't care about DX11, then get the GTS250. However on average the 5770 will be better plus its a little more future proof.
  12. Unfortunately I decided to go with teh GTS 250 6 hours ago.

    But even then, I think the 130$ is a little bit out of my budget. Also I have a pretty strong feeling that having DX11 support on cards like these will be like Dx10 support on the HD2800s; The cards are just not powerful enough for you to actually appreciate the improvements.
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