More cores less frequency, or less cores more frequency?

I am going to be buying a new processor soon and was curious what is better for Gaming, Cores or frequency? Just a simple question, these CPU's are the ones i was looking at the quad core was my first choice, because of the 4 cores of course, but then i thought it has a low operating frequency and theres this one with high frequency. Just curious thanks for answering
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  1. Thanks to turbo boost, their clock speeds arent actually that far apart.

    When dealing with things that use one thread, the 650 boosts up another 266MHz and 133MHz for one thread, but the 750 goes up 533MHz for things that need only one or two threads, which puts them much closer together. If you are doing thins that can make use of 4 cores then the i5 750 will definitely do better, if you are dealing with things that only use one or two threads then the 650 will win out, but if you OC them both to the same level the i5 750 will win in everything.
  2. so now my question is is the minor performance increase worth 15 bucks?
  3. I would pay an extra $5 over the i5 750 and get the 760, the additional true cores will serve useful as many games begin to move to 3 and more cores, also check reviews for the games you are planning to play and see if they would benefit from the additional two cores. If you want to play GTA IV you need to have a true quad.
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