Hdmi sound doesnt work quadro nvs450


I have a Quadro NVS450 with a displayport to HDMI adaptor connected to my Samsung LCD TV and, even though I configured the PC to USE HDMI sound (it can see there is sound) I got nothing coming out of the TV speakers...

Windows 7 64bit
Asus Maximus III Gene
1,5Tb HDD
Quadro NVS450..

secondary small case screen with a displayport to VGA connector and planning to get an LCD monitor for gaming and general use and leave the TV for some gaming and movies...

I wonder if anyone could help?
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  1. No one?
  2. make sure it's plugged in all the way, and maybe see if there's any settings on the monitor itself or even in your BIOS....That's where I would start looking..Never had to do this, I was just trying to help you out, as I know how it feels when you are in need of advice...I myself am waiting on some....
  3. Hi, thanks

    Well I can "see" the sound when I chose the HDMI device with the sound bar moving up and down. It seems that all is ok but then.... nothing.

    I may give up as it is easier to use more cables but it doesn't bode well to the technology... useless.

  4. Dumb question: Is there a audio cable that needs to be hooked up on the monitor to your sound card?
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