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im hugely impressed by the Ksampanna build, but the motherboard doesn't seem hugely trustworthy, so im interested if anyone can help with choosing a different mobo ?

Preferably Asus and high quality SLI with the 460's !!

Hugely appreciate any help !!
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  1. Thats a *decent* build, but you can do better with higher quality parts for less.

    Heres my build with a far better PSU, much higher quality case, far more effective cooler and a ASUS Mobo like you want for under $1000AR:

    i5 750 + OCZ 4GB DDR3 1600 $274/$254 AR

    ASUS P7P55D Pro + Win 7 HP $230

    Lancool K62 + XFX 650W: $160

    2* Zotac GTX 460 768 MB $$310/260AR

    Samsung F3 1TB :$59

    Lite-ON Burner $17

    Kingwin XT-1264 $25

    Total: $1055/$975AR
  2. Awesome, il look into that tmoz, im undecided on how much to spend, my last rig set me back 600 when i had a part time job (gbp), but now im full time career set, but still that pc lasted me a good year, soooo, im just wondering if there is much point in setting myslef further back for what benefits ?

    im quite experienced in the technicalities but ive never built a rig SOLELY on my own ... may seem a bit newbie =)
  3. Well, now isnt the best time for building, brand-new hardware is arriving from both Intel and AMD(ATI) before the year ends so if you can wait for a month or 2.

    If you'll be waiting, check out e-tailers and see if your could a nice PSU/case/cooler/etc. deal on black friday/cyber monday.
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