Overclocking a 870 on a dh55tc mobo

just bought a Z-System mid tower system with the following:
Intel 870
Intel DH55TC mobo
8 meg 13000 ram
1.5 sata hdd
350 watt p\s
Very modest video card
Win 7 64 bit home
Just one simple(i hope) question,how do you over clock this system?
There seems to be only one variable the clk setting in BIOS.It's set at stock at 22.
How far up can you turn the flame up w\o getting to a near death "crash and burn" for the cpu?
not looking for a new record,just a modest improvement.
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    Just start by bumping up the blck 1 or 2 at a time. Bump it up and then run OCCT for about 10 min and make sure it's stable. Don't worry about blue screens - they're a part of overclocking. If you bump it up 2, say, from 133 to 135 and it runs stable you're good. Try it up a couple more. when it becomes unstable you will probably need to start bumping up the vcore (cpu voltage) up 1 or 2 +'s. One thing you will REALLY REALLY need to keep an eye on is the temps. Your chip is designed to run at 72.7*C. You can run them hotter than that but it decreases the life expectancy the hotter and longer you run them.
  2. ^+1 - - Cheap psu means quick burnout when overclocking
  3. Ah yes,quite true oh wise one!
    hence the asking for advice that's sound until 600+ P/S is purchased to gain a platform to add better video card,second HDD for backup etc...
    I picked the system for the CPU/memory combo it offered at a price point I felt was worth it.
    No real faults,just a working starting point.
  4. Quote:
    whats that 350w psu name btw lol

    It's part of the computer that's running just fine as is Oh Great Wonderful Wise One!
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  6. Thanks, Have fun with it!! :sol:
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