2Gb GTX 460

Does anyone have any experience w/ the 2Gb GTX 460 in SLI. I want to get this card because I am gonna be running three screens for gaming at 5760x1080, but ive heard they dont run well in SLI. If the 2Gbs are not an option what should I go with? Alot of people are telling to go w/ 470's but they are power hungry and run so hot you could cook an egg (plus its also an extra $150). Would the regular 1Gb GTX 460's be able to handle three monitors or am I stuck w/ the 470's?

x2 1gb GTX 460 - $460
x2 2GB GTX 460 - $500
x2 1.25gb GTX 470 - $600
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  1. Two of these, =580.00
    {Palit gtx 470 custom cooler
    I have read reviews , these run in the 70's. Very powerful for your dollar.
  2. Are there any benchmarks comparing the 460's against the 470's in SLI?
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