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Hello all,
Just looking for some advice, I am building a new system and for the same price I could get one 5770 1gb or 2x 4850s 512mb. Now the 4850s kill the 5770 in every front, however they do not have directx 11, how important do you feel this is. The type of games I play and will play are mostly RPGs and RTS, if that helps. How soon will dx11 be required for games that are not using high end fps engines?
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  1. I think dx 11 is now days really important to have as most of the game developers are turning toward making their games engine having dx 11 going with an dx 11 card will be more future proof and later you can buy another dx 11 card if you want to crossfire them.
  2. I KIND of agree with rocky, but I feel that most games in the next couple years will be DX9 compatible as well. By the time DX11 is needed you may be due for another upgrade anyway.

    Also if you can max out the games you play at your resolution with the 5770 then you might as well get it, and I'm going to assume you can.

    What resolution do you play at and what games?

    Also 2 4850's is about 200 dollars unless you are getting them somewhere really cheap...
    1 5770 is 130 dollars... big difference.
  3. Thanks for the responses. Sorry for the uninformative title (and poor grammar/spelling),
    Well I've been travelling the last year so I haven’t really being playing games, but with the new system will be playing games such as mass effect 2 dragon age(and 2 when it comes), assassins creed, starcraft, maybe swtor or wow , so not really performance taxing ones(I think). I will be getting a 22in monitor(1920x1080) so i assume that’s 1680x1050 for most games.
  4. Well that goes back to my other quest, where are you getting the 4850s that cheap? As I said 2 4850s should be about 180-210 dollars, where a 5770 is about 130.
  5. what about the option of getting two 5750s , will be dx11 and use less power
    and they are slightly more powerful than 4850s
  6. It's better to go with the hd 5770 because at the resolution on which you play it will be more than enough for you and having dx 11 support will be futureproof and later when more demanding games comes then you can add another one of them.
  7. i'm interested on how future proof a 5770 running dx11 @ 1080p, not.
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