Location of P5N-MX Northbridge, Southbridge and VGA

I was just wondering, can anyone help me locate the Northbridge, Southbridge and graphics chip on my motherboard (ASUS P5N-MX). I assume the northbridge is under the central heatsink. But where is the Southbridge? Surely it's not under the same heatsink.

There's a little chip next to the PCI express slot which could be the video chip, but maybe not?

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  1. Almost all of nVidia nForce series chipsets are based on single-chip design (northbridge/southbridge combo).
    Asus P5N-MX has nForce 610i which is also based on single-chip design.
    So the northbridge you mentioned is also the southbridge; it's on the same chip.
    The "video chip" you want to find is already integrated into the northbridge.

    More information about nForce 630i/610i can be found here and here.
  2. Oh, I see. Thanks.
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