I have no idea about SSD's etc. First time Im going to get one.
I'm building a PC from scratch and am looking for a good, cheapish ssd that will be the best for gaming.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. What's your budget and capacity you're looking for? Also, where are you buying it from (Newegg, NCIX, Amazon, etc)?
  2. I'm not sure on budget really, live in uk so would kind of need a uk site so amazon maybe or scan. And I guess I'd need about 120gb
  3. Anyways, I'll list some of the good ones

    - Samsung 840 PRO (One of if not the fastest)
    - Samsung 840
    - OCZ Vertex 4 (Also one of the fastest)
    - Crucial M4 (One of the most reliable SSD)
    - Samsung 830 (Fast and reliable)
  4. ok thanks a lot
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