GT 240 or 9600 GSO?

Hello there i am new here.

First off here are the cards that are on sale at this weekend:

GT 240

9600 GSO

What would be the better video card for me?

Secondly would a video card be the best upgrade for me? (i mainly play wow, and am planning on playing the new fallout game) here are my system specs:

core 2 duo 2.4 ghz processor
2gb 677 mhz system ram
nvidia 9400 gt video card

Is the faster ram on the gt 240 make it a better card than the 9600 gso? Would a video card be the best bang for my buck? (i was told the 9400 gt is not a very good gaming card)

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  1. The 240gt is better than the 9600gso and thus choosing the 240gt will be the better option for you.
    Here is the link check by yourself,2646-7.html
  2. The GT 240 is better than that version of the 9600 GSO and yes, you need a card upgrade to play games. The 9400GT is very weak. The GT 240 should be approximately 4 times more powerful for gaming
    Overclocking your processor(if your motherboard allows for it) and adding more ram would also help with gaming but the card is your main problem.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, i will go with the GT 240! Also my motherboard is an ECS PT890T-A. I would not mind trying to overclock it as i plan to build a whole new rig in january, so if it fries i wouldn't care :P
  4. You don't need to worry about overclocking. Current processors all have safety features that throttle the speed if the temps go over a certain point and if you don't go crazy with the voltage that should never happen anyway.
    As for the card have you considered an HD5670 instead? It is over 20% faster and also DX11 while not costing much more(no crazy rebate though.)
  5. ^+1 for that HD5670...
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