Bypassing Asus P8P67 Pro BIOS password

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a way to bypass the BIOS password on a P8P67 Pro. Now, you'll probably be asking "Why?". Because the whole pc's warranty will be void if i mess with the BIOS (it was a prebuilt pc).

Obviously, if i remove the password and something breaks before the 1 year warranty has expired, the guys at the shop will notice i've messed with the settings. And that's not good. But if i manage to bypass it, and then something breaks, i can just set the settings back to where they were and nobody's gonna know about it.

Anywho, if there's no way of bypassing or cracking the password, i'd like to know whether removing the CMOS battery will do the trick or if i have to contact the shop and ask for the password.

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  1. Oh. Sorry, i should've read the rules first. Please delete this thread. :??:
  2. Maybe it's a default can help you there.

    Indeed, maybe you can contact the store and get the password that way. In my opinion if you buy a computer, you should be able to alter the bios.

    Removing and reputting the battery might also do the trick.

    Also...the manual...isn't there a motherboard manual you can look into,

    have fun with it !
  3. I decided to take a risk and reset the bios. So far everything has worked alright, i've oc'd the cpu from 4,2GHz to 4,6GHz :)

    Thanks for help anyway
  4. Regarding the warranty period, ASUS has a 3-year warranty regardless of the Builder's warranty period, and today most components carry at least 3 year warranties from sale date. Just look-up the components and check with the OEM websites.

    //Most RAM is lifetime, CPU 3 years, most PSU's 5 years, GPUs 3~lifetime, etc.//
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