Belkin USB adapter & ethernet NOW not working?

Aloha dudes and duddettes,

This is a doosy! My room comp is wireless and it was fine till about 3 days ago. I'm using a Belkin Router as the main hub for my wireless. My room comp uses a Belkin USB adapter to receive internet connection from the hub.

A couple of days ago it didn't work. When I looked at Network connections it showed that the Belkin USB was recognized but it was unplugged?????? I used several USB ports from my comp and I got the same "Belkin is unplugged". The Belkin Adapter also says that its not picking up any signal from the router. BUT my laptop is picking it up fine????
In any case I bought a looong Cat6 cable for my room to the router in the living room. NOW when I try to connect from the ethernet card the connection doesn't work. Network Connections says that its plugged in though.

sorry for this long one but i'm in a dillema here. I wanna try and fix this before I take my room comp to CompUSA.

Any help is appreciated!!! Thank you in advance.

Thanks and mahalo,
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  1. Did the wired connection ever work?
    Having a wired connection link but have no data flow sounds like a incorrectly terminated cable to me.
    Have you uninstalled/reinstalled all the belkin software/drivers?

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