Graphics card wants a LOT of power

Hi all,

I just built a system and burnt out the power supply in my crappy $84 microatx case/power supply combo.

Looking at the manual for my N450GTS, it says that it recommends a minimum 450W supply with a 12V rail that can do 38A. That seems like a LOT to me, not to mention that it's over 500W just for the card!

Is this a sane requirement? Any suggestions? My case is this:

so I think it can (barely) take full size ATX supplies even though it also takes microatx motherboards.

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  1. I have one rig at home with a similiar case but i bought it w/o PSU :P The only thing to take note is

    Length of PSU should be preferably 150mm or less and take care about the lenght of your ODD selected as well.

    Actually i had built preety high end LANparty gamers withthis box and have a look at Enermax Liberty ECO 500/620? Else hunt for PSUs on 120mm fans - the Corsair HX520 reported fitting fine as well
  2. EDIT: Dint refresh, like he said, the length would be the issue here,...

    ^ For that GPU, 450W PSU is required, but not a necessity that the 12V should do 38A, but at minimum 30A would be needed though, so play safe and get the one which has 30A+ on the 12V and is an 80+ certified, Active PFC PSU...
    That case will take standard ATX PSUs, but you have to be careful with the length of the PSUs as it might interfere with the Optical drives...
  3. The recommended power requirements look a little ... questionable.

    The 450GTS needs about 8 amps - factory OC'd, certainly not more than 10 amps. The recommendation is for a complete system. Something like a Corsair 450VX would work nicely.

    Of the two PSU's that gkay linked to, the Seasonic would be an excellent choice.
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