New motherboard, Old Dell vista OEM OS

So I bought a new motherboard, and it's shipping currently. Just wondering, when I install the new motherboard, CPU, and Ram can I still run the OS, I know the license will probably expire but, is it still run able. Like boot up all the way, open google chrome and play some games.
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    oem os's that come with pc's are locked to that model.(dell xps 210 for ex.) you cannot even install then on another machine.
  2. I'm asking if it'll work... i know it's locked to the motherboard but will it still run with the new motherboard..
  3. no.
    it will only install on the model that it was made for. if you try on another model, it will ask for a licence code.

    (can't hurt to try though. let me know what happens.)
  4. I'll tell you tmr when it comes in!
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  6. heyitsken said:
    Best answer selected by heyitsken.

    nPleeeasse tell me.. did it work?
  7. it doesnt work. thats why he chose my answer as correct
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