GTX 470 vs HD 5850


After starting several forums about which card from both manufacturers offer the best performance for money.

Now, I will be having a Core i5 CPU and I would like your opinions on both of the cards.

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  1. What power supply and case do you have? If heat and power is not an issue I would get the 470. If you have a Crossfire only motherboard you might want to the get the 5850 for CF in a year or so.

    The cheapest 470 is 260 on NewEgg, and the cheapest 5850 is 270.
  2. You really ought to provide much more details when asking a question like this. :) Even if you have several other forum posts, folks don't need to go research your old posts just to answer your question.

    The GTX 470 outperforms the ATI 5850 in a lot of cases. However it is going to run hotter, and therefore will be louder (as the cooling fan runs high speed).

    As Helltech touched on though, even your motherboard type could affect folk's recommendations. A Crossfire board would allow you to run 2 ATI 5850's someday, where as an SLI motherboard would allow 2 GTX 470's. And some boards support both.

    Yadda yadda, etc etc. :)

    What resolution will you be playing at?
  3. helltech, show me that $260 470, cheapest one i see is $290.
  4. Well he means after MIR.
  5. AMW1011 said:
    Well he means after MIR.


    I'm sure you're looking at the same one, but its this one for clarification...
  6. These new prices are making GTX 460s hard to buy, let alone 5850s. I mean you can get a GTX 460 1GB for $230, or a GTX 470 for $50 more with a $30-$40 rebate and get another 20-30% more performance.
  7. Yeah, I know I'm tempted to buy a 470 myself for freaking 260 (thats so cheap comparitivly), but I want a single card solution and the 470 is barely an upgrade in performance if not a downgrade for me. The 480 is overpriced still, so heres waiting for the 475 and hoping its a good card.
  8. Ya my second 8800 GTS 512mb died, and I'm having problems not just buying another one for $80 used to get similar performance to a GTX 460. Doesn't look like I will be upgrading anytime soon.
  9. The gtx 470 is probably the best buy right now, thats hard to believe considering how GOOD the 460 is. Consider this, the gtx 470 is reviewed at 607mhz, at 700mhz(480 speeds) its as fast or faster than the 5870. Nvidia revolution ? :)
  10. It sucks how that I am in Canada, all these prices are increased about 40-80 bucks :(
  11. To be more specific, I will be having a HAF 932 case, and a 700-900W PSU
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