Need help with my first PC build :)

Hi everyone :), i really want to build my own PC which i will use primarily as a gaming computer. I've come up with some hardware choices and i would like to know if its any decent, worth the money paid ect., and i would appreciate any reccomendations or opinions about it, whether i should change anything, aaaand you get the drift :D.

My build goes as follows:

CPU: Intel i7-870, 2.93 GHZ (plan to overclock)
HDD: Dual 150GB Velociraptors, plus i might add my current 750gb seagate for more storage.
RAM: Corsair DDR3 4GB, 17000/2133
GFX: Gigabyte OR EVGA GTX 460 1GB (might SLi with my current GTX 460)
PSU: Antec True Power 750W
CASE: Antec 900

And to conclude with just a couple random questions, 1. Can i SLi my gigabyte 460 with an EVGA one?. 2. Is the i7-950 significantly better than my chosen CPU? (and x58 chipset).

Thanks in advance for any advice and help :D (sorry if i make a dumb mistake this is my first XD)
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  1. ^
    1. You can SLI any brand GTX 460.
    2. For a gaming PC(also as you will overclock), the i5 760 would suffice. For gaming, the i7s dont offer any significant advantage...

    As for the setup, I would highly suggest not to go with the Velociraptors, they are not worth the money IMO, also the current-gen HDDs are fast enough.
    If you want speed, then go with a small SSD like OCZ Vertex 2/ Agility 2 60/ 90GB, they would offer near instant app loads and the boot time is greatly reduced...
  2. thanks for your input. yeah I think you bring a valid point about the i5 I will get that instead (you've just saved me a fair bit lol). as for the SSD issue I thought the raptors would be a good balance between speed and storage but I have not looked into SSD's much so I will do that. Is the rest of the build up to scratch? thanks alot for your input :)
  3. The Velociraptors are fantastic in RAID 0... by themselves they aren't good.
  4. yeah that was my original intention, shouldve mentioned it initially. Is the motherboard good for overclocking?
  5. ^ Accepted that they are very good in RAID 0, but for what ? I doubt they would be that useful in day-to-day scenarios...but if the OP does a lot of work which involves high i/o operations, then it would certainly make sense...

    As for rest of the parts, they are very good, but I would take a look at newer, different cases at offer...
  6. ^ I second a newer case. The Cooler Master HAF case lineup is pretty nice.

    The motherboard is good for overclocking, any Asus, MSI, Gigabyte with a good chipset is pretty good for overclocking these days.
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