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When i play a game, and set the fan to 100% manually... do i risk shortening the life of my GPU fan, or is it same as running at auto? ( temps are totally normal though, always below 70*C... but just some kind of a desire to torture the fan like that )
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  1. I put mine to 90 percent manually, when I game. As long as you only do it when you game your fine.

    In all honesty, I think you could run them at high speeds all the time and it wouldn't kill the fan that fast, but the time the fan would die becuase of that I think the card would be outdated and in need of an upgrade anyway.
  2. alright thanks.. and btw, if i increase my core clock from 775 to 850, will it have a considerable impact on performance? last time i tried, i had some problems like driver not responding and stuff.. but i had the whole card overclocked. i dont want to overclock memory now though coz i have 1 gb ( not sure if the clock affects the memory with such unwanted VRAM )
  3. What GPU do you have? If your driver is crashing a lot with it overclocked its just an unstable overclock.

    Depending on the card however you may not see any real-world difference in the performance of the card.
  4. Its a small innocent 5670
  5. You're going to see a difference of about 2-3 FPS, doesn't seem worth it to me.
  6. k, i tried increasing the core clock about 25 mhz.

    Normal Clocks : 237 FPS Average in CSS
    OC'ed : 215 FPS Average in CSS

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