Installed Windows, Bios set to IDE

So I Installed Windows, not realizing I needed to set my bios to Raid/AHCI Mode..

I am runnning Windows 8. Anyway to change this over without Reinstalling windows?

& Which is better Raid or AHCI, for Corsair Performance 3, 64 GB, Sata 3.0.

Mobo is GA-890FXA-UD5, Updated to the latest Bios (the beta, with better SSD Compatability.)
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    I don't think AMD RAID drivers support TRIM. If it do, there should not be any difference between RAID and AHCI. If it don't, use AHCI. Never use IDE on SSD...
  2. yea, I was so pissed when I finally realized what a stupid mistake I had made =-=
    the Windows 8 install was a nightmare since I had just gotten my PC back from being out of state, and some friends that moved it for me, Droped it and somehow it corruped windows 7 on my SSD, so i just installed win 8 like 2 days ago..
  3. AHCI is a subset of raid.
    AHCI is needed for trim support that helps the performance of a SSD.
    But if your sata mode is IDE, you need to change it.

    The easiest way is to simply set the sata mode to AHCI, reinstall windows, and the windows default drivers will pass the trim command properly.
    With a SSD a reinstall takes little time.

    If you want, there are procedures using registry hacks that will convert a running system.
    Google the process to get the details.
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