I'm having a strange problem, micro sd relelated

I've been using a sandisk 64gb micro sd card since the day they were released. Never had any problems. Recently, I took the card out as i usually do when i am putting a large new album on it. I use my usb 3.0 sd card hub for large files. I placed it back in and my Cowon j3 player did not recognize it.

The files were taken off and put back on multiple times over the years, the file size was only 400mb or so. The player does not recognize the card. So I formatted it with FAT32 and still nothing. It recognizes perfectly when I plug the card into the computer, all the files show up correctly. But, inside all of my portable media players the sd card does not show up.

Other SD cards show up on these devices just fine. I am not sure what else I can do beyond formatting it. Any ideas?
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  1. Test the player with a different card.
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