What case should I get (impossible to choose for me)

Hey all, I am considering a new case for my i7 build but I am absolutely stunned at the price of the corsair 800D in aus (eqv. of 380$ in US) I've also considered the HAF-X which to me seems to be a very good case with all the things I want (Tooless, black interior, cable grommets, big window, flush fan to suck out GPU heat, great cooling and PSU cover) and also has things that are future proof if I need (hot swap, triple rad support).. But it seems im copping a lot of sh!t from people saying is an butt ugly case and that I should avoid it, am I the only one who things this case DOESNT look like sh!t? I cant see any other cases with ALL of these features other than the 800D which is nearly 400$... Does anyone know any good looking cases out there with all of the mentioned things? It's a really hard decision . >.<!
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  1. Saying that HAF X is ugly is personal preference if you like it is all that matters.
  2. I like the HAF X, but it is a really big case. If you have the room go for it.
    This case is really unique. Didn't know if you had seen it or not. Pretty wild, they threw conventional design out the window and made something totally different.
  3. Yea, I dont think so either. But cases can be found in the UK that sell on newegg I bet.
    Or even the antec lanboy air?? That one is interesting too.
  4. Hey intel1502... happy 2011...

    The corsairs are expensive...
    HAF X is a good choice for around AUD 250...
    Antec Twelve Hundred is also an excellent choice for around AUD 220...
    Lian Li Lancool PC-K62 for AUD 150 is a well crafted case...
    Silverstone Fortress FT02 is a good CLEAN mid tower case (just a tad smaller than other full tower) for AUD 250...
  5. As already mentioned by Rolli, looks are a matter of personal preference.. If you like the HAF-X then by all means go for it.. Its a very nice case.. The Corsair 800D is worth spending only if you plan to employ liquid cooling.. Its not great with air cooling..
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