Emachine ET1331G-03W ECS MCP61PM-GM Mainboard

This is about the Emachine ET133G-03W with the ECS MCP61PM-GM Mainboard. You can upgrade to the AMD II X4 605e, 615e, or 620e with no problem. You can find the AMD Athlon II x4 605E CPUs at Tigerdirect.com web site below. This is a 45 watt chip and will replace the Athlon II x2 235E CPU on the ECS MC61PM-GM Ver 2.1 motherboard. You don't need to upgrade the BIOS because there is not one for this motherboard. Also can change out the 2 one gig ram chips and replace them with 2 two gig chips this will bring it up to eight gigs. Also if you add a above video card change the power supply up to 550 watts or higher. After I made the changes to mine this machine runs very fast on Windows 7 64 bit system and I haven't had any problems.

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  1. hey this is concerning your motherboard revision, according to that computers specs it has the 2.4 version but you mentioned its the 2.1 version. can u clarify what u meant by 2.1? I have the 2.1 version of this motherboard and would like to do a similar upgrade to yours. I've done some light research on this and i'm totally confused because some have upgraded to am3 gen cpu's while otehrs say its not supported by the motherboard. any info would be most appreciated
  2. Hi this is what my rig is AMD AD5200OCK22GM Athlon X2
    5200+ Processor - Dual Core, 1MB L2 Cache, 2.30GHz, Socket AM3, 65W i update a few things here they are as followed hdd to a 320g and i put 3 gs of ram in it but now i want to upgrade it to a quad core but ever thing i read says my board wont support it. my mother board is a 4006254RECS MCP61PM-GM AM2 mATX Motherboard this is what it was new

    eMachines ET1161-01 Desktop PC Athlon LE-1600(2.2GHz) 1GB DDR2 160GB HDD Capacity NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Windows Vista Home Basic
  3. Im on an Emachines ET1331G-03w. Im also interested in this thread because i want to get more performance as well, but dont have the money to do it all at once. Dont laught at my system please, she has feelings too!

    MOBO: MCP61PM-GM (based on CPU-z and on board) v2.4 OEM
    AMD Athlon II x2 235e @2.7 Ghz OEM
    6GB DDR2 (OEM)
    Cooler Master GX 650 (Non OE)
    EVGA GTX 570 SC (Non OE)

    and a nice upgraded cooler master cpu cooler. So far i was just thinking of getting a new mobo and overclocking the 235e, while upgrading to DDR3 ram. But if its possible to upgrade just the processor and get more performance i would rather do that first.

    I have done an illogical amount of research on this board and have found nothing but mixed information. Some sites say the board has a 65w limit, some say its 89w limit. Some say it only supports 2 sticks of ram and 4gb, but i have 6 gb and 4 dimm slots. Its all very confusing.

    Id love to get the same processor as you, but it has a lower clock and im afraid a quad core at that low of a clock would perform worse than the 235e. Also afraid of getting that processor and it not working in my box. But since you have it working, i may just try it.

    Sorry for updating an old post, just trying to help the information base on this.
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