Dip IN (FPS during GamiNG)

Hi i have a olD copmUTER its a amx2 6000+ @ 3.24ghz 2gig ddr2 hd3870 @ 850/1200 , im using win 7 x64,
I use to run game like TF2 PERFECT >.> like consistant fps, but now i keep on getting lags in even TF2 :`( even on lower setting ~.^ , and some game even just randomy reboots my computer.
I use to use win XP x86 , like long time ago.

I DUNNO is my ram bottlenecking, but i dont think it is coz when i run tf2 it barely use up all the RAM ????, i would expect TF2 to run perfect to be honest even if i only got 2gig of ram PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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  1. When playing games, it would be your HD3870 that is bottlenecking it. I advise you to upgrade your graphics card. (to something newer)
  2. Have you installed any new software around the time these performance anomalies started happening? Is there anything like Folding@Home that may be trying to run on your GPU when you start windows?

    A new GPU would only be bottlenecked by your ancient CPU.
  3. Have you been monitoring the temperatures on your card? It could be overheating. Do you ever get blue screens when you crash?
  4. all temps fine everytihng up to date but it runs like piss now i install XP coz i thought maybe ram limiting my performance BUT RUns like POOP still T.T especially in starcraft 2 even in low setting /cry T.T
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