CPU Fan very Loud

I just built a desktop with a phenom II X4 with a coolermaster cooler


Everytime I start the pc it becomes very loud. It is by far the loudest thing in my pc. Typically they should slow down once it gets to windows however it doesnt. I stays at 3200rpm I downloaded speedfan and I can manually put it down to 2000 and it is a whole lot quiter and it still is cooling no problem. However if I restart the compuer I have to do it all over again. I tried looking in the bios but didnt find much. It is an msi board... If any one could help me it would be great.
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  1. Have you enabled cool and quit in BIOS?
  2. which motherboard do you have, asus uses qfan for instance which will slow down your cpu fan and is temp dependant. Otherwise speedfan will be able to help.
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