Can't install CCC or drivers

I've been trying to install catalyst drivers both 10.6 and 10.7... ive tried both, and each says "Failed to load detection driver"... what is that?
I have a 5870
so... please help!!!
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  1. Remove all video drivers installed ensure that net framework 2.0 (3.5) is installed and up to date, install in safe mode remove any anti virus or firewall that is installed. Then try reinstalling again.
  2. Install driver sweeper from guru3d, boot into safe mode, remove all ATI drivers, boot normally, install newest ATI drivers.
  3. Is this for the system in your signature? Were you trying to do a standard upgrade from a successfully installed 10.5?
  4. i solved this problem thanks guys, I deleted all the drivers and then i found my gpu is broken because it will not boot with any driver (long story)

    but thank you guys so much for your suggestions and answers!
  5. I have experienced similar problems as described above when updating from an older CCC (Ver. 8) to the current release. I desperation, I re-installed Ver 8, overwriting 'older' files when prompted. Once determining that CCC was working again, I checked the ATI directory and found that there is an 'Uninstall' subdirectory containing the uninstall executable. The result is a clean removal of CCC, the new release then installed correctly. I hope this helps.
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