New Build....Makes Weird Noise on Power Down-Help

Ok so I just managed a new build and took some parts from my old build....Everything working great and fast... but when i shut down it makes a terribly weird sound (like extreme static....or a TV station of dead air....duno this a cause for concern?)

So heres my build (these are all brand new)

AMD Phenom II X4 965 AM3


Patriot G Series ‘Sector 5’ Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model PGV34G1600ELK

Case= CM Haf 922

Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

Win 7 64bit

Then from my old comp i took (these parts are under 2 years old)
my PSU = Ultra 750w LSP
EVGA Nvidia 9800GTX+ 1gb DDR3
a fan that i mounted on the side panel of my Haf 922

everything running smoothly just makes that weird noise on shutdown any idea what it could be???? maybe my speakers? i duno....worst case i can live with it....just is it bad for my comp is all i wanna know

note the parts from the old comp didnt make any noise before
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  1. Are you using regular external speakers connected to the motherboard or are you using HDMI to your monitor and using the monitor's speakers?

    If using the integrated audio on the motherboard, try this to isolate the problem. Go into your BIOS and disable the on-board audio. Restart and then shutdown the system. What are the results?

    If you are using the HDMI connection to your monitor (and pushing sound that way), go into your control panel/sound and change your default otput device from HDMI to the integrated audio. The shutdown. What are the results?
  2. ok not at home now

    but i am using regular external speakers 2.1 (2 speakers+sub) connected to the motherboard.....

    regardless though is this a cause for concern or is it just something of annoyance? just dont wanna ruin anything

    ill try all those options when i get home currently on my laptop
  3. ohh yah i am using the integrated audio as i didnt buy a soundcard

    but if i disbale the intregrated sound wont i have no sound?
  4. jasonp12 said:
    ohh yah i am using the integrated audio as i didnt buy a soundcard

    but if i disbale the intregrated sound wont i have no sound?

    True, but this check is intended to isolate the problem and not be permanent. I am going to guess that disabling will not affect the sound you are hearing. You could also just disconnect your speakers to see if it makes a difference.

    You should also make sure you don't have anything rubbing against any of your fans.
  5. i doubt anything is rubbing on the fans because it is LITERALLY happens right when the power shuts off (after i click shutdown it happens right when the screen goes black and the power is like .1 sec from going off)

    it may just be the speakers but yah ill have to get a better look...

    my biggest concern is not damaging any hardware
  6. You are probably ok, but you do need to isolate the problem to verify. If the sound stuff I have recommended doesn't help pin down the sound (I suspect it won't), then you need to open the case and be prepared to listen very closely once you tell the system to shutdown to figure out where the sound is coming from.
  7. well some of the things seem inconsistant....i shut speakers off and it seemed to go away....not quite sure what it could be....ill do more testing
    anyone else got any ideas
  8. Best answer
    Could be poor grounding with your speakers. Do you another set you can swap and see what happens?
  9. this is happening to me too but when i put the computer to sleep (happens around 50% of the time.) Weird thing is the problem just surfaced today. same motherboard, also when I use the headphone jack connected to my case I can hear the strange sound through there, could this just be a driver related issue? Honestly this issue makes no sense to me.
  10. It could be a driver issue or just a flaky design. Integrated audio can (and often does) pick up interference from the motherboard itself. That is why "premium" mobos often include a riser card to create some separation between the audio system and the motherboard.

    One thing to check for both of you (if you are using them) is to make sure your front panel connectors are securely fastened to your motherboard HD or AC97 connector. Also, try to locate the most current drivers and install them if you don't already have them installed.

    Good luck!
  11. thanks colgeek, i'll for sure check out the connections and the drivers.

    As jasonnp12 said tho, is this a cause for concern of failing parts or anything of that sort?
  12. Not likely. If you disable you integrated audio and the problem went away, you know right where the issue is. You can either live with, try to adjust as we have been discussing, or get a stand-alone sound card. You could always try to RMA the mobo as well.
  13. You guys should also flash your BIOS to the most recent version. Minor tweaks are often made to mobo components as part of a BIOS release and that affect your on-board audio. Also, you should disable the on-board HDMI audio (in your BIOS) if possible to see if that helps (leaving your "regular" audio enabled).
  14. im pretty sure I have flashed to the most recent bios, but havn't disabled the on-board HDMI audio, since I won't ever be using that I'll definitely try that out.
  15. Well I got home today and It only happened once, I think it tends to happen if you are throwing the computer in and out of sleep mode at great frequency. I did what you said COLGeek so we'll see if it happens as often. (by the way I have the latest audio drivers and bios).

    Probably just motherboard interference, doesn't suprise me with some of the other issues I've had with this board. I don't think its worth RMA'ing, however I did buy the extended warranty, never be too safe.
  16. well I realized that its not my speakers.

    I do have the most updated drivers it cant be that....I also noticed it is might have to do with the longer my PC has been on....noticed it happens more after playing some games etc.
  17. ok after more testing i know its definetly not my speakers or anything

    it ONLY happens if the computer has bene on awhile like 3+hours (usually been gaming on SC2 and WC3) so what could this mean?
  18. ok i am 100% positive now that it has to do with the length of time that the computer is on. not 100% sure yet if it has to do with running certain apps for an extended period of time or not...

    also WHEN I first boot up it makes a constant but intermitetant sound (almost like my optical drive is trying to read something constantly but nothing is in there and its NOT my optical drive) it could be my OLD HDD that i put in here but i am not sure.

    any ideas?
  19. This may sound odd, but actually touch the device you suspect is the problem while while starting up/shutting down. The vibration felt will help isolate. Old HDDs, especially failing ones make some odd noises.
  20. Best answer selected by jasonp12.
  21. the issue is my speakers.....the solution/finding it was actually funny...

    So i was going nuts trying to replicate this problem it was inconsitant and i thought it had to do with the system being stressed...I was wrong....sometimes it happened even if i booted up and then shutdown 5 min later.

    So i finally said F-it im bringing it to a shop. I begin unhooking all the perifs from the back of the mobo. as i unplug the speakers i hear some feedback (but thats usual if they are on while plugging in/out) but then after i had them FULLY unplugged with the cable in my hand, if i touched the input device id get the exact noise....found out its probably just a circuit issue with my speakers as they are pretty old, something may have shorted
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