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i purchased the Phenom II X3 715 Heka oem. I put in an asus M4A785-M and unlocked the 4th core. cpuz reads it as a socket am3 938 phenom II X4 Deneb core revision RB-C2. AMD overdrive says it is a socket am2+ with the same revision. Both programs list it as a PhenomII X4 15. ON newegg and at AMD's web site the 715 is listed as an am2+. When I had it as the 715, cpuz called it a socket am3 938. What else can I confirm its true identity since I am considering putting in a socket am3 board.
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  1. With all due respect, if its an am2+ cpu I don't believe it will work on an am3 board due to its lack of a ddr3 memory controller.
  2. I think this is what I really have now that I unlocked the 4th core:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103916
  3. For what it's what its worth, I am running that amd overdrive utility stress test and it seems to be hitting all four cores. I haven't oc yet.
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