Connect my passport to motherboard

my passport fell from my desk and now the disk is making a clicking noise

The disk appears on the computer as H: and cannot be opened, the computer gives a messages that suggest to reformat the disk to be abble to use it

I tried recovering my data my GET DATA BACK FOR NTFS, the software is capable of reading and finding all my folders, but its awfully long because it's connected by a USB 2.0 and the disk is clicking

i would like to connect it directly to the motherboard by sata but Western Digital made it a lot harder with that kind of connection pins.

Is there a way to connect it, by some sort of adapter, or opening the disk ( yeah i know the warranty but to that point i don't care, and also please don't bother the specialist option)

Thanks in advance !
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  1. AIUI, that 12-pin header has 2 pins (Tx and Rx) that connect to an RS232 serial diagnostic console. The remaining pins connect to switches and LEDs in certain models. There are no SATA pins.

    You can connect to the drive's SATA port, but this requires a hardware hack:

    That said, if yours is an Essentials model, then it will incorporate 128-bit AES hardware encryption, in which case you will need the USB-SATA bridge IC (symwave SW6316) to decrypt your data.
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