Can I upgrade Graphics on my Computer??

Hi, I'm new here, and am not really that knowledgable when it comes to computer specs. Anyways, I own a Compaq CQ5210Y computer (please no jokes :??: ) and I was curious what I could do to increase the graphics for this computer. I believe that all the graphics are currently integrated intot he motherboard, meaning there isn't a graphics card inside of it currently. I took a look inside and discovered that there was a PCI Express port. Now I've done a little reading and saw that the ATI HD55570 is a heavily recommended card. My Power Supply is 250W. Would that particular card cause problems for my computer? Any advice would be most helpful. :)
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  1. Yes you have a PCI-e slot. A 5570 will run on that PSU, its not a very powerful graphics card, so what do you need it for? If you want to do gaming with good visuals I would upgrade the PSu and get an even better GPU, like the 5770.
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    First step is going to get to get the POS PSU out of that machine and replace it with a good power supply. Compaq is still using PSUs with passive PFC which is a sign of an ancient design that isnt built for this era of hardware. HP tends to cut it as close as they can with their power supplies and unlike dell their low end units are the cheapest ones they could buy. You can get an Antec EA430D for $47 after promo code to replace your current unit with.

    Once you have that installed as a nice insurance policy so your components arent at risk of an overstressed PSU, then a 5570 would work quite well, or a 5670, both use fairly little power, arent super expensive and will provide moderate performance for games.
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