Help me build my computer please.

i was just wondering if the following is a good combination. i wish to edit video have done some reasearch and have selected these parts. will i lose any funtions because any of these arent completely compatable? and how about the price?

Processor CPU: Quad Core Q8300 2.50Ghz
Memory: 2GB DDR3 Dual Chanel
Hard Disk 1: 250 Gigabyte Sata Hard Disk
Hard Disk 2: 250 Gigabyte Sata Hard Disk
Optical Drive 1: High Speed DVD Rewriter
Optical Drive 2: Optional Extra
Video Graphics Card: Nvidia Quadro FX380
TV Card: Optional Extra
Networking {Broadband}: Gigabit Ethernet OnBoard
Sound Card: Xonar DX PCI Express
Power Supply: EVO 700 Watt Gaming PSU
CPU Cooling: Intel 775 Original Cooling System
Asus G41 Motherboard With DDR3 Support.
E834.00 inc tax/vat

any replies are greatly appreciated
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  1. What's your budget? Also, do you need a case?

    The sound card probably isn't needed; most motherboards have pretty good to excellent onboard sound these days. The PSU might be a bit suspect; I can't find any reviews for it (unless it's the Thermaltake EVO, but that's a 750W).

    Depending on your budget, I'd consider going with a newer socket interface. The LGA775 socket is the previous Intel generation, and the current generation (LGA1156/1366) is going to be replaced within a few months by the new Sandy Bridge socket interface. If you do decide to stick with the LGA775, I'd consider getting a bigger motherboard since the one you picked is a microATX, which means it has fewer features ans is more crowded.
  2. thank you for your reply coleam45, i have changed up and now im contemplating hitting the purchess key on this build. it comes with case for 1200 euros, about 200 more than i wanted to spend, but if it does what i want then im happy.

    Processor CPU: Intel i7 920 2.66 Ghz 4 Cores
    CPU Cooling: Intel i7 Original Cooling System
    Memory: 3GB DDR3 Triple Chanel
    Motherboard: Asus P6T X58 Deluxe
    Sound Card: 8 Chanel OnBoard Sound
    Hard Disk 1: 500 Gigabyte Sata Hard Disk
    Hard Disk 2: Optional Extra
    Optical Drive 1: High Speed DVD Rewriter
    Optical Drive 2: Optional Extra
    Video Card: Nvidia Quadro FX380 256MB
    TV Card: Optional Extra
    Networking {Broadband}: Gigabit Ethernet On Board
    Power Supply: EVO 700 watt Gaming PSU
  3. The first build was terrible . Two year old bargain bin parts.

    The new build is better but just saying " a 500 gb hard drive" means you could be getting a slow quiet model or a fast and slightly noisier model

    You are better to ask in the format suggested in
  4. thank you for your advice it is much appreaciated but after much thought i think tomorow i will buy it and if the hard drive doesent cut it i will get a better one when i have more cashflow. so unless somebody out there can see a major flaw?, Thanks again!
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