SSD space occupied for no reason?


My SSD (Corsair Force GT 120GB) has a formatted capacity of 111GB, yet after my Windows install a couple of months ago only 55GB was available.
I was wondering at the time how my OS (64bit) could possibly take up so much space... I somewhat forgot about it but here I am again, I unveiled all hidden folders
but when I take a look at the size of all the files that are on my drive, it only says about 40GB..

So where's the missing 30GB?

Thanks in advance :)


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  1. Follow the link, like analyze disk space by "WinDirStat", reduce the amount of space used for "System Restore" or disable it, disable "Hibernation", etc.
  2. System restore and hibernation is your problem. I am 100% sure.
  3. paging file or virtual memory can be using some, windows often defaults this at .5 of the system ram. So if you have 8 gbs of ram you might have a 4gb page file. You can turn that off.
    By default windows 7 system restore is set to use 5% so thats another 5gb.
    Hybernation creates a hyberfil.sys file that is the same as the ram size, so if you have 8gb of ram your hyberfil.sys will be 8gb.

    In this example thats about 17gbs.
    windows 7 with all the updates right now is about 11gb.

    If you have 8gbs of ram or more you can kill virtual memory.
    If it is a desktop you can kill hybernation.
    You can set windows restore to something smaller like 2% but keep in mind that will reduce your restore points to only a few.
  4. +1 to bucknutty.

    I only have a 64GB SSD and installed Win7 on it last year. The install was around 50GB but after disabling paging file, etc. I got it down to 22GB.
  5. Also you want to look at how much space is being used for recycle bin I think by default its something like 10% of your HD space so reducing it from say 10gis to some thing like 2gigs should free up some space.
  6. Thanks! I have 16GB's of RAM so my paging file was quite big.. I also disabled hibernation (with powercfg.exe -h off in cmd I believe?)

    I've gained 13GB!
  7. Even better :D I forgot to press the confirmation button when adjusting my paging file... 70GB of free space! :bounce:
  8. You should free up your drive regularly:
    1. Do regular scan to keep your drive clean.
    2. Show all your hidden files and folders to free up your drive: Start=> Run=>Enter “control folders” in the blank and click “Ok”=>Choose “View” on the appearing “Folder Options” interface=> Select “show hidden files and folders”.
    3. Format your drive as you wish.
    4. Ask a specialist for help, if you don know what to do.
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